January 26, 2011

Superheroes for Quarto Press

My most recent client was Quarto Publishing of London, to make some superhero-related spot illustrations for their "How To Draw Superheros" book.  It was super fun, and I even did a Dr. Evil-like "villain's lair"...

One of my biggest shortcomings is just not drawing enough environments.  I love to look at photography books of environments, and other people's art, but for some reason I only seem to create them when I work in comics.  Why don't I paint them more often?  I should get on that!

You may remember I posted about my first project with them, doing an irezumi inspired piece for their "How to Draw Tattoo Style" book. You can see some of my work in these loverly Quarto publications!

All of these books were authored by my amazing husband, Andy Fish - after many hours of drawing step-by-step instructions, writing text, researching (not in that order of course) and compiling art.  Astounding diligence as usual.


  1. These are all so awesome!

  2. Amazing pieces! Congratulations to you and Andy on the Quarto books - they look beautiful. And for someone who doesn't like drawing environments, you sure kick ass at it!

  3. you and your husband are the envy of my life! youre both so so cute !

  4. wow, I really like your work.

  5. Wow, I really like these pictures! Almost makes me wish I had kept drawing myself.