June 18, 2011

Alex Toth: Genius Isolated

One of my favorite books in our library is Book 1 of Alex Toth's GINORMOUS 3 part biographical series "Genius Isolated"

I mean, this thing is huge...

hugely AWESOME.

I'm not going to go on about Toth's long and hugely impactful career.  You can read all about him here, and this for some comics and here too.

His legacy is constantly expanding, and even people who don't know his name certainly know his work.  If you've ever seen a Hanna Barbera cartoon, Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, SuperFriends, etc - or even a Cartoon Network spoof like Harvey Birdman, The Venture Brothers etc - all essentially built on a Toth foundation.

So when Andy got me a page from one of his personal sketchbooks for my birthday, I had a small cardiac arrest.

I'm going to look at his work everyday to stay fresh for work on Frankenstein!

my hero

I wonder what he thought about The Brak Show ??

This album is freaking hilarious, by the way - but totally bonkers


  1. Wow this is freaking AMAZING! I love the way he writes notes on his model sheets.

  2. This is fantastic. As a drawing impaired person, I love seeing these types of things - I feel like I'm part of the process.

  3. Anonymous20.6.11

    WOW - this is amazing!

    Love all the detail he puts into the character development and design!

  4. Wow, a page of someone's personal sketchbook is like a page of their diary. Definitely puts you in their mindset. Very awesome!

  5. I feel like this isn't even a good representation of his work, haha but I couldn't spend all night trying to find everything I love about his stuff

  6. I have orignal art work that Alex did for DGRAGcartoons, in the 60's If anyone is interested contact me.