June 22, 2011

This week...

The studio, about 4 days ago

Finished up the Mulholland Drive painting for Gallery 1988's annual "Crazy 4 Cult!" show, set to open July 8th, 2011 (when will I get to actually go?  someday I'll see CA)

I think it looks sharp in the white frame!   More on this piece later.

my favorite tools lately - Acryla Gouache 

a succulent from Breezy Bend

Having greenery in the studio really puts me at ease.  I still feel worried whenever a leaf drops that I've somehow killed it instantaneously.  Gardening can't be a "stress-reducing" hobby, it's definitely gives you stress.  You water it, it dies.  You give it sun, it dies.  

Ah well, everything is trial and error, right.

It made me smile though, to find a little snail buddy in the "Veronica" plant!


  1. Anonymous22.6.11

    I like your photos of "Veronica" flowers!昨日も見たよ! You found a little snail! :) かたつむり?

  2. I always love your posts! <3

    And acryla gouache is just fun-derful. (like wonderful and fun. funderful!)

  3. fantastic stuff! LOVE the mulholland drive peice.

  4. Thanks so much guys!

  5. I like the placement of the car, it almost looks like a closed eye to me.

  6. Oh cool, Corey! a happy accident

  7. this is great! cool way to rep the movie

  8. Haahaa snails creep me out a little unless they are in tanks xD

  9. Everything dies no matter how well you take care of it :(