September 30, 2011


Hey friends!

 I'm excited that the limited edition Frankenstein preview is now available!

There are only 25 copies right now, and only 25 more being printed for Wizard World Austin

 Along with a chapter of the story, the special preview includes character sketches, process work, and inspirational materials, PLUS --

Each copy comes with an original drawing inside!  

32 pg | B+W | A5 size | $10 |  GET IT NOW before they are gone

AND - I'm having a BIG GIVEAWAY to celebrate!

  •  Signed copy of comic book w/ sketch inside
  •  A pair of glow-in-the-dark Creature kid gloves
  •  8x10" archival art print
  •  Signed copy of Frankenstein preview w/ sketch inside

  1. To enter, just leave a comment + help spread the word!
  2. Winners are chosen by by their comment #
  3. If winners do not respond within 7 days, another will be chosen
  4. Giveaway ends midnight October 7th, (morning of Oct. 8)
  5. Shipping is complimentary

Thanks everyone!

September 27, 2011

Read the Frankenstein Preview!

Hey friends!

I'm very excited that the first issue of my Frankenstein graphic novel adaption is almost ready.

In the mean time, and since it's super Halloween-appropriate, please read the free preview hosted on my portfolio website.

You can also download it for free in PDF format for color e-readers. (the September 31st thing is pretty funny, eh?)  It drops in limited edition print form SEPTEMBER 30th

*Linguist nerds like myself take note that Victor speaks Swiss-German, instead of traditional German.  

Ooooh you're darn right I went for quality.

September 25, 2011

Des Moines

To an East Coaster like me, it would be easy to think Iowa is nothing but corn fields - but it isn't! It's just mostly corn fields!

 Des Moines and West Des Moines are really cool cities, and we like visiting very much.

Cup o' Kryptonite needs to get the Eisner award for "Retailer Spirit of the Year".  Hands down one of my favorite comic stores in the country.

My favorite market in the city - Palmer's Deli

I would eat there every day...

The super cool East Village has a weekly art market worth seeing.

I had to buy some giant dahlias - I wanted them for my wedding bouquet but that didn't happen, so my uh, 11 month wedding anniversary was good enough :)

September 23, 2011

Valley Junction Antique Jam

Valley Junction in West Des Moines has the coolest Antique festival twice a year and we were excited to catch one of them. (The other was on my birthday this June, what a coincidence)

Check out A-OK Antiques for the best stuff and their sister store across the way for consignment clothes + rentals {below}

I wanted this so badly - you don't even know.  But, it is for a child.

More specifically, a child in an Oklahoma marching band.

And my shoulders are too wide.

September 22, 2011

Sketches from Indiana

some doodles from the road

a ridiculously cute cupcake place in Indiana, 
and some amazing goat cheese and mango puffs from a cafe

We didn't get to stick around for the annual Valparaiso Pop Corn Fest - and what a shame because we saw them setting up and it looked so cool.  But we did get some pumpkin caramel corn from South Bend Chocolatiers and that was a good substitute.

Okay, so about Indiana:

> Their gas is about .55 - .60 cents MORE than the national average - whoa!  At least it is at the highway stops.  So if you are driving through, avoid filling up there! <

September 21, 2011

Mulholland Drive Prints x Gallery 1988

Hey friends!

I'm very excited that Gallery 1988 is running a limited print release of the Mulholland Drive painting I did for their "Crazy 4 Cult" show this summer.

I signed them all, and I have to say, the paper and ink quality is outstanding!  The colors are so rich!

limited edition of 50
 $40 each
giclee print on fine art paper

In other news, I've moved into my artist residency at Eagle Hill School in Hardwick, MA and am hard at work on the first issue of Frankenstein.  [Have you read the free preview yet??]

It's the perfect kind of place to work on a Halloween-esque kind of comic, so I'll try to see the solitude of living in the middle of the freakin' woods as a helpful aspect.

Instead of scaring the bajeeziz out of me.

Nah, it's not that bad - they have an amazing campus with an amazing art facility. (More on that soon)

But yes, it's in the middle of the freaking woods.

And things make noises.




September 20, 2011

Cleveland Heights x West Side Market

More pictures from our roadtrip...

Cleveland Heights

The West Side Market

Where I discovered my love for eggs Benedict