September 22, 2011

Sketches from Indiana

some doodles from the road

a ridiculously cute cupcake place in Indiana, 
and some amazing goat cheese and mango puffs from a cafe

We didn't get to stick around for the annual Valparaiso Pop Corn Fest - and what a shame because we saw them setting up and it looked so cool.  But we did get some pumpkin caramel corn from South Bend Chocolatiers and that was a good substitute.

Okay, so about Indiana:

> Their gas is about .55 - .60 cents MORE than the national average - whoa!  At least it is at the highway stops.  So if you are driving through, avoid filling up there! <


  1. PUMPKIN CARAMEL CORN WAAAT *_* Sounds delicious! Haha, I hope you had a good time this weekend! That dessert shop looks adorable.

  2. Lol good to know about Indiana. :D

  3. Yikes, high gas taxes or something or just good ole fashioned highway robbery LOL