October 27, 2011

Andy's Studio

Andy's studio is decked out for Halloween 365 days of the year!  Thought I'd share some photos I took of his stuff for the presentation we did at the Fitchburg Art Museum this weekend.

Hope you guys are ready for next week!

I'm actually totally copping out and going as Waldo.  I know, I know it's ridiculously easy, but when Halloween is on a Monday and you have to get up early...

... oh my God, is this what I've become?? Worried about getting up early??  Oh geez


  1. Anonymous28.10.11

    Wow! Andy's studio is fantastic - and he really does have it set up for Halloween all year round! Fantastic!

    Haha, don't worry about the "OH NO GETTING UP EARLY" thing - I get that too - and Waldo kicks ass!

  2. who doesn't love halloween though, seriously, your hubby is the cutest

  3. Aw man, such a cool shack! Don't blame you for doing a Waldo; I'm working and I'm just going to do cat face. VERY ORIGINAL.

    Have a great time. x

  4. Thanks guys!

    Lol Happy Halloween!

  5. たのしそうなスタジオだね!
    His studio looks interesting!
    There is Frankenstein!!