January 29, 2012

Retouching photos of Japan

Finishing up work on my Japan sketch/photologue and realized I hadn't retouched some old photos properly.  

Since I had taken them almost 18 months ago, at that time I hadn't really learned the capabilities of my digital camera.  These had to be retouched in Photoshop, but I hope on my next trip (whenever that will be) I'll able to take a cleaner photo with minimal post-production.


  1. Ah Halloween~~~!! I was about to say "snowless days" but then I remembered this year has been cray-cray!

    Lovely photos to just dream to~

  2. "人間関係"ってお店の名前だよね!?おもしろい名前だねーーー(^0^)
    Is "人間関係" the name of the cafe? Interesting name!!

  3. I loove the one with the cat! I'm pretty bad about just using the "auto" function while traveling/on vacation ^^;

  4. Thanks guys!

    Mayako - I had to google translate that name, haha it means "Human Relations"? relationships maybe? Thanks for typing that out, I wouldn't know the hiragana!

    Lindsey - yeah, I had to take a class to really understand my camera - it was super fun and now I finally get what I'm doing! (kinda)

  5. Yes, "Human Relationships"! I didn't know the cafe, it's interesting name :-D
    And I love the cat, too! :-)

  6. Awe, I so wanna go back to Japan!