January 25, 2012

Friendly Neighborhood Comics

Ernie, owner/manager of Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Bellingham, MA, commissioned me to make a limited edition shirt for his store.  He's had a number of awesome comic artists do one, and it was really nice he asked me.

If you are in the area, you have to check out the store.  It's so clean, efficient, and has a great variety of things, indy stuff, art books, back issues - just a nice place.


I'm often up in arms about how comic shops present themselves.  If comics are going to reach a wider audience, the stores have to be accessible to people who are just getting in to comics for the first time.

If a shop presents itself like a boy's club, or "you have to be reading this from the beginning and now it's too late for you" or some such nonsense, it scares people away.  It scares potential new comic-lovers away.

There is a comic out there for anyone - all ages, all interests - it's just a matter of matching people up.  But that can't happen if a customer doesn't feel welcome.

Comics are finally cool again, and everyone should have at least one good experience in a store like Ernie's.

I also recommend THE POP CULTURE CO. in Houston, TX and Million Year Picnic in Cambridge, MA


Anyway, lately I've been in a super great mood.  I mean, like unusually great!  Maybe it's because of this song?

Top Of The World by Shonen Knife on Grooveshark

Shonen Knife  "Top of the World"


  1. ugh i hate that "boys club" comic feel, most of the good comic book stores in chicago are staffed with tons of cute gals like us!

  2. haha yeah, the industry is changing!