January 16, 2012

Mary Marvel on eBay

Hey friends,

a sketch I did in Austin is up on eBay, I believe it ends tomorrow (Friday) night

And also...

I finally updated my portfolio website.  It's long overdue, but it was held up by me not understanding what "Spry" was in Dreamweaver.

But I finally learned drop-down navigation and all that fun stuff!

Just about 3 years too late, but ya'know... 

For a long time I'd been tinkering with different designs, and every time I got inspired by someone else's design, things would get tweaked again.  But it's really nice to finally have a consolidated look all across the board.

The twitter, blog + website are finally united with one color harmony and design sense.  Woohoo!


  1. Hurrah for both consistent looks for all your sites AND being able to get them that way!! I love the look of them, clean but still cute and personalized~

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