February 22, 2012

Old ideas for paintings

While I was cleaning and reorganizing my studio, I came across old sketches that were never realized.

I think it's a common thing, you start a sketch, but then projects come in so you put it aside.  Or you don't think it has much potential at the time, only to realize it really does!

I have some client projects that are more important right now, but as soon as some time can be freed up, definitely going to tackle these.

Other things from the week:

Saw the most beautiful rainbow the other day, 
didn't have my nice camera to really capture it...

I really like this graphic design, so I snapped a cell pic of it for future reference

I love the ridiculous forest-animal glassware that pops up at thrift shops


  1. i have some porcelain cats I couldnt leave at the shop! lol. Plus that bat girl...i need to see that actualized!!

    1. Aw hey thanks girl!
      Someday I will totally buy an obnoxiously cute ceramic animal

  2. Beautiful paintings Thanks for sharing