February 24, 2012

Sketching in the Galleries

sketching the Ron Rosenstock photography exhibition

The photo show at WAM is so great - really amazing collection!  And the curation is great too, the pieces really flow well.  {Joyce, have you seen it yet??}

Stone Circle at Sheeffry, County Mayo, Ireland, 2010, Infrared pigment print | © Ron Rosenstock
It's really great reference for Frankenstein pages!  More on that artwork soon.  A lot of things in life slowed my progress on that comic, but it's back on track now.

More sketching in the galleries

In other news ...

I got some new hair :)

inspired by this pic 

It feels so nice!  I haven't had my hair this short in 14 years, since I was 13!


  1. OOH! Cute hair cut! I am too afraid to cut my hair that short ever again.. after my mother chopped everything off when I was 10 :x

    I see that you're rewarding yourself
    with a nice pear
    after the cutting of your hair!

    look at that, your hair style inspired some poetry xD

    1. Haha I know right, random fruit :) Thanks! A few people tell me it looks worse, but I really don't care - it was more symbolic since the past month has been super rocky :(

      But yeah, it was more like "I'm not afraid to do this!" kind of thing :)

      You have beautiful hair! I'm sure it would look good no matter what

  2. 髪、短くしたんだねー!すごくかわいい~~~、似合ってるよ(^_-)-☆
    You look really nice with your new hairstyle!

  3. Your hair looks awesome, the stylist did an amazing job! It looks just like the picture ^^

  4. You're so pretty!! I love the new do!