April 30, 2012

Happy May

Happy May Day!

OK, tomorrow is May, but it's May already somewhere,
 so here's a nibbling rabbit illustration for you

This weather is seriously crazy.  For a while it was super hot, like in the 80s, then suddenly an icy breeze set in, and now it's a super chilly 40 degrees with a harsh wind!

It's making my eyeballs hurt!  Serious!  I don't know why, but my eyes feel sore from the temperature change.  Weird.

Andy and I went out to the Book Bear in West Brookfield and stopped at Dippin' Donuts for breakfast.  I noticed they are doing "Cherry Blossom" donuts - whoa ho ho!  How's that for being international.

Boston is the last major city to get a direct flight service to Tokyo, so the state has been really celebrating Japanese culture this month.

We taught a cartooning workshop in Wakefield this week, which was exceedingly awesome because the librarian Emily is extremely cool and stocks the library with great comics and how-to drawing books.

Check out these awesome drawings they did!

April 27, 2012

The Shadow

illustration for JusticeBulletin.com for the Alec Baldwin film version

Thanks, Jason!

Andy loves The Shadow, and gets the pulp reprints and comics regularly.  I don't have any attachment to the character myself, but I love the cover art and the atmosphere.

But my favorite version of The Shadow has to be when Orson Welles voiced the character for the radio show in 1938.  Because Welles has the best voice ever.

Maybe someone can explain to me the difference between Lamont Cranston and Bruce Wayne ...?  Two super rich guys with no powers but clean up the streets and night and strike fear into the hearts of evil doers... and love to brood.

THIS is a hilarious (albeit extremely explicit) article on why The Shadow is better than Batman.

(though I will always love Batman more)

Lots of other completed projects coming soon!  Stay tuned!

April 25, 2012

Sunday in Brookline

Andy and I are teaching a short series of art workshops in Boston this month, and while in town we stopped by Coolidge Corner in Brookline.  

Andy got us tickets to see Morgan Spurlock appear at the Coolidge Theater to introduce his newest film, a documentary about the San Diego COMICON and do a short Q&A after.

The film was pretty good over all, following different people who were all at ComiCon for different reasons.  But I have to say, the film lacked a "Morgan Spurlock-ness", meaning his great narration, animated statistics and personal connection to the source material.

My new favorite Brookline eatery, MJ International Bistro.  This place IS AMAZING.  YOU MUST GO.  Inside the old school arcade.

MJ International Bistro was SO GOOD, we ate there TWICE in 5 hours!

made mini ricotta cheesecakes the next day

April 23, 2012

Teen Titans

some fun Teen Titans mini sketches up on eBay ending tonight...

as well as a Silver Surfer up this week

We made Wonder Woman cookies for Steve!

The most fabulous sauteed mussels I've ever tasted from Daedalus

I don't understand this - does Rite Aid want to kill my family?

April 22, 2012

In progress

Lots of paintings in progress!  So much to do, not enough hours in the day!

Also - apologies for the bad cell pic quality

Here are some things I was working on yesterday - they are actually done today!  Wow, usually I don't work so fast, but really hit a good grove in the studio.

I love using these crazy Acryla gouaches, they are so neon, taking a picture can't capture how they glow in real life.  It's Da-Glo!

But colors are everywhere lately, as they should be being spring, and I love finding little things like this pile of streamers in the Museum storage closet.

And the flowers at Trader Joe's are looking amazing!  I was thinking of planting dahlias out in the yard, but I'm afraid to try - they seem too delicate for my inexperience?

I love the blue hydrangeas, they remind me of Cape Cod!

And even my summer salad and portabello mushroom sandwich at Nu is colorful!

made orange cranberry mini scones with Billee