July 16, 2012

Everyday should be wonderful

I had a really nice conversation with a good friend last night, and as it turns out we both are coming to the same realizations about life at the same time.

Sometimes, the experiences you have in life don't seem like they leave that much of a mark.  Then you look back at them collectively and think;

"Wow, I'm actually the same person I've always been, 
I just know more of what I want now."

I mean, you change as a person, in terms of what you want from life,
but I'm noticing my personality is completely the same.  

Sometimes we pass into stages of our lives quietly, without fanfare, 
and sometimes they are indelibly book-marked by something.

Someone once told me 

"You have everything you need -
 to deal with any kind of situation, 
any kind of stress or sadness, 
- inside you"

I'm realizing now, that I have the choice to make everyday wonderful, 
and nothing ever holds me back but myself.

Everyday Andy and I take the time to get up earlier and make breakfast together.

These moments are so special to me.

And worth any extra effort or time.

Blueberry + pineapple smoothies are surprizingly good : (thanks, Misha!)

and quite beautiful

Jan gave us gorgeous lettuce and zucchini from her own garden

Thank you, Jan!

my neighbor grows something fabulous every year

Allie-Oop enjoying the park


  1. I think I want to learn to let go of stress more. Dave and I were driving and he asked me maybe I hold on to it because I like to have control...

    as I get older Im trying to become more conscious but I just find my 20s to be all stress all the time!

    ANYWAY, cooking with your boo is always so much fun!

    1. Yeah, isn't it funny, you actually do things that add stress because you're trying to de-stress? Does that make sense?

      Anyway, don't fret!

  2. I really like this post. I keep going back and forth these days between being a ball of stress over work or studying Korean and finding myself really relaxed and content. However, more often I've been stressed. Just looking at this sweet post improved my mood (okay, it did help that the food looks delicious!).

    1. Thanks lady! Isn't it great when you can treat studying like a fun thing? The words I wrote up there are jumbled and kind of stream-of-consciousness, but I'm glad you liked it, haha