July 22, 2012

Frankenstein - Page 15

A recently finished page from issue #1 of Frankenstein.

So excited to have my passion for this project back!  I had explained in a previous post - some pretty heavy stuff happened associated to this comic.  

But after reading an amazingly uplifting blog post by Danny Choo, I realized it was time to kick this into high gear again and really get it finished.

I had gotten over issues I was having, (like thinking getting depressed every time I sat down to ink a page) - but I realized it was time to Carpe Diem this baby and move faster.

If you think about your typical 24 hour day - minus sleeping, eating, working hours and commute - you probably only have 4 hours a day to do whatever you really want.

That's pretty insane


That explains why the days go by so fast!  
Why life goes by so fast!

If I'm going to get this project done, I have to commit all my free time to it like I did this fall.  So happy to say, Issue #1 is almost done - it's going to my Editor's this week and I'm working on the cover now!


Been enjoying the blueberries this season - eating about 3 boxes of them a week!

Love having these with greek yogurt and honey for breakfast!

Typical lunch after working on comics all day.

A really colorful salad for dinner.

Food is so pretty.

I'd show you the blueberry crumb cake but 
I ate that before the lens cap could come off.


  1. So glad you got your passion back for Frankenstein! It's so freakin' beautiful! Such an inspiring post!