July 19, 2012

Review: Platinum Carbon Fountain Pen カーボン万年筆

JetPens.com asked me if I'd be interested in reviewing this pen, which of course I love any and all writing materials/art supplies so I was more than happy to do it.

Usually, I end up using any pen I like with my artwork - whether they are designed for art or not.

There are a few things I really liked about this pen and only a couple that I didn't, so here we go!

The refills are inexpensive, which is very nice, and the tip is very sturdy, so I don't expect this to wear out soon.

Of course, hence the name 「万年筆」(man-nen-hitsu) which means 10,000 year pen. 

Wouldn't be surprised if it lasted you that long.

Platinum Carbon Fountain Pen
 $13.50 includes one cartridge  BUY IT HERE
 $3.30 refills for 4 cartridges  BUY IT HERE

Over all, not a bad pen.  Amazing = ink dries super fast, very waterproof .  Not so great = the ink bleeds very easily on regular typing paper, or anything thin.  This pen is definitely for people who are signing documents on nice stock, like resume paper or legal documents.

PROS : Extremely waterproof - dries very quickly, never smudged at all!
CONS : Extremely waterproof - this will stain your clothes permanently!

The company that makes this pen, プラチナ (purachina) a short Romanization of "Platinum" has been making fountain pens since 1919! [Japanese site]


Use this pen for doing fine details on artwork, signing documents, and generally making your desk feel a bit more sophisticated... but definitely use it with a grade up from regular typing paper.

This is also quite a long pen, so it probably won't fit in a short pen case.  But you can find the desk pen holder if you'd like to keep it at arm's reach.