September 30, 2012

Comic Art Sale Preview

Hey friends,

Have some art up on eBay this month, here is a look at what is / will be for sale:

(that's the original Robin but now he's all grown up and stuff)

Moon Knight

Death & Dream (from Sandman)

Superman (homage to Curt Swan)

and more!  You can check my eBay listings HERE

Lots of stuff to do - October is going to be a ca-razy month

  • working on Frankenstein issues 2 + 3
  • planning new workshops for CC Lowell's Art Supply
  • teaching at the museum
  • holding private drawing lessons
and that doesn't include language study, trying not to kill my plants, and random freelance gigs.  Phew.

But I love being busy.  

I don't know how to handle it when I have nothing to do!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 

Hope you had your moon cakes for good luck!

The Shadow's Hand poster prints

Hey friends!

Limited run of Kage no Te prints available HERE!

11" x 17" poster, signed 
satin finish archival prints on card stock
$15.00 ea.  |  +$5.00 US S&H     +$7 Int'l S&H
Sorry, sold out now

A fake horror film poster with a nod to 1960s Japanese B cinema.
The Shadow's Hand 

"You can't turn away from scary things!"
"That intangible feeling of dread!"

for the group exhibition:

@ the Lincoln Arts Center, Halloween 2012

original art sold

Looks pretty swell in an 11x17 black frame

September 27, 2012

影の手 [The Shadow's Hand] film poster

So even though it's September, Halloween officially starts the minute I see an orange leaf.  We're watching lots of good scary movies and baking apples... ahh good stuff.

Really excited that my favorite Boston gallery, Space 242 is finally resurrected!  Yay!  I'll have a piece in their upcoming show:

Original "B-Movie" Horror Posters
part of the Halloween Exhibition:

October 26-31, 2012

@ Lincoln Arts Project in Waltham

one week only

Here's my contribution:

this film doesn't exist, I just made it up

it reads: 

new work from goldfish film company
The Shadow's Hand
you can't help but look at terrifying things!
that intangible feeling of dread!

original ink drawing

Buy the original ink drawing

8.5"x 11" archival india ink on Bristol paper



early stages of digital coloring

I based the design on this 1960's Japanese poster for Bedazzled

and looked at some cute 60's fashion ads

Hope to see you there!

September 24, 2012

Diana Rigg + What Style Means to Me

Diana Rigg and I suffer from the same terrible affliction: baby girl face.

At 27, I look 16.  And unfortunately I can't help it.  

Women tell me that's a good problem to have, and I appreciate that.

But it's still a bit annoying when someone asks what college you are thinking about.  Or if you are really qualified to be teaching an adult art class.  Uh... just trust me, I guess?

Anyway, I was watching "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" the other day, and realized just how awesome Diana Rigg is.  And how similar our taste in clothes are!

I'm not a small-pattern kind of person, I don't know why.  During a massive re-haul of my closet, I ended up consigning or giving away a good 60% of it, and realized what was left - the 40% that I really, truly loved and wore all the time - were bright, solid colors, and lots of texture.

I noticed watching Diana Rigg as Mrs. Peel in the Avengers, that she, also, - pretty much NEVER wears a pattern!  Only striking colors, high contrast and rich textures.

Be still my heart!

I thought I was supposed to emulate the "gamine" look.  But gamine means "impish" in French, and that's not headed in the right direction, haha.  Diana's style feels more mature.

I have what's known as a boy-ish figure, or a rectangle shape.  I have broad shoulders, very little waist definition, and calf muscles from years of sports and gymnastics.

When I tried to dress older, I was apt to just throw on a blazer and glasses, but with little attention to how they fit.

I was obsessed with thrift-stores, and because of that, often settled for a shape that was wrong for me, but liked everything else about it.

Ended up still looking young, now in grandpa's tweed.

I used to really have a disdain for fashion, thinking it was "only for rich people".
How silly!  What if someone said "Art is only for rich people" ???

But now my love for it has really blossomed, and I definitely understand better how to shop for my body type and tastes specifically, instead of what I think I should look like, or emulating someone else.

It's really liberating owning much less clothes, and relieving yourself of the pressure "to must have something right now!"

There are, in reality, very few clothes that are just right for me.  And I like not feeling like I have to own something, but appreciate it from a far.

It feels similar to when I stopped feeling
like I had to emulate certain artists.

My own perception of how I should paint, 
stunted my personal growth as an artist.

Some people are lucky and find out their identities early, some never know.

I think we evolve and change all the time, constantly shuffling off skins like a snake, until we get down to who we really are, what we want, and why.

I found my journal from my wedding/honeymoon this week.  It was heart-warming and heart-breaking to read.  I was so different only 2 years ago!  And yet, my worries were still the same.

Why did I worry about stupid stuff then?  Why do I now?

Should it bother me that people think I'm young?  Nah, it really shouldn't.

I know who I am, what I'm capable of, and they can think what they want.

Right, Diana?

September 22, 2012

Goodbye, Summer

until next summer, Marc Jacobs

until next time, Cape Cod

and see you later blueberries + strawberries

September 19, 2012

Fall has come at last

Pumpkin whoopie pie

I bought this Chairy figure at a flea market,
but she doesn't hold my phone like I'd hoped :/

barley oatmeal and dried cherries

my closet as of last week

Ah, this is my favorite time of year...

September 17, 2012

Bronchitis + Brimfield

It's been an absolutely stunning week, and I've seen it from my bed, coughing up terrible things and drinking lots of yuzu tea.

I'm prone to bouts of bronchitis after I get a cold, so had to call my doctor a prescription - the good stuff.  Amazingly, I was in and out in 20 minutes, the nurse was nice to me, and I've already got my meds.  Wow - usually the doctor's office takes all day and the ladies at the front desk get all annoyed with me over something.

So, many apologies to people waiting for email responses and prints 
- I'm back on my feet today!

Anyway, here are some pictures from our trip to the Brimfield Antique fair two weeks ago:

Someday I will get the "Andy Boy" sign! 

Isn't this beaded jaguar head stunning? 

Creepy turn of the century medical equipment- perfect for Frankenstein research!

They even had a pig fetus in a glass jar, and cow eyeballs!

I loved this vintage mouse tin toy

 Until next May, Brimfield!

{Ming, is it a date?}