March 30, 2013

Batgirl watercolor + updates

New art piece finished last week, ending on eBay tonight.

Tried a new method of gouache/watercolor underpainting as an experiment, going to continue this!

Even though I'm still overseas, Andy will ship it out (domestically from the US) if you win :)

You may be wondering why I've been quiet this week.  I had high hopes for blogging everyday and drawing everyday, but sadly it was not to be.

After a pretty rough flight - excuse me, 4 rough flights (just to go one way) I've also developed acute bronchitis.  I just can't bring myself to do anything right now, so I'm sorry about that.

But happily, the trip to the japanese clinic was super fun and a great experience!

Everyone was so nice :)


March 25, 2013

Off to Japan!

Hey friends,

I'll be spending the next month in Asia, visiting family and friends and trying to fill up two new sketchbooks.

Stay tuned for lots of random bits, 
going to make it a goal to post every day! :)

March 24, 2013

Gotham by Gaslight artwork

Hey friends,

Here are some recent artworks/commissions inspired by Gotham by Gaslight

(this piece is ending on eBay tonight)

If you haven't read the original graphic novel, I highly recommend it - not only is Mike Mignola one of the greatest illustrators ever - it's a good entry into comics if you aren't particularly into superhero stuff.

Here is some Mignola's Gotham by Gaslight art:

March 21, 2013

Getting back to basics

I realized recently that I haven't drawn for fun in a really long time.
I mean, usually I draw a little bit every day, but I haven't dedicated a good chunk of time to something that wasn't a client project.  It feels weird!

I made a vow that for the entirety of my month in Japan I would draw every day, and ALOT.  I made a sketch book specifically for the project, and limited myself to the 6 tools up there in the clear case.
I can't wait!  

a mish-mash of random papers found in the studio,
stuck together with MT tape.

I don't want to strangle all the fun out of illustration just because it's my job.  Need to stay fresh!  Can't wait to get started!

In other news, I am super sick of putting on my winter coat.

I never want to look at it again.  Ugh.
Please, please stop now winter, it's enough already...

I'm also speaking tonight at the Worcester Art Museum for Youth Art Month, as their professional artist, so kids involved with the show can have a chance to hear about life after art school.  Should be fun!

March 19, 2013

Betty & Veronica for MAC

Veronica is a weird name.

The gift shops never made "Veronica" kids' commemorative bike plates no matter how hard I searched. No commemorative shot glasses, frisbees, hats, pencils, toothbrushes... Nada

Always "Victoria" and "Vanessa"...

I know, my childhood was so rough. *le sigh*

Usually people sing me an Elvis Costello song or once in a great while ask about that Kirsty Alley show (yes I watched it and it was great)

And they always ask if I know a "Jughead"

WHY would I know someone named that? BUT I DO know a Betty. My lovely gramma!

And get this, it really does look like her, too. (Blonde and smiling)

I do kinda look like Veronica, and live in a world of comic books, but I'm not a millionaire heiress. Hopefully not as much of a b either...?

Check out these great products from MAC this spring:

March 18, 2013

King Koop Ltd. Ed. Pink print

Hello friends,

Andy recently asked me to do a limited edition pink version of his King Koop poster, which I gladly agreed to because pink giant gorillas are better than regular giant gorillas.

You can find it for $30 here, in Andy's web store  [LINK]

Andy couldn't leave my coloring alone, so he added the acidic green lettering - and because I'm trying to give up my OCD strangle-hold on control over my work, I'll just let it go... even though it bothers me ... 0_0*


okay ...

I can't stand it

I have to change it 


now I can stop thinking about it

Just FYI - only prints of the green lettering are available at the moment*

March 14, 2013

How to Pack for One Month in a Carry-On

Let me just say, I love to organize junk.

Why? Because I love logic problems.

Fitting many things into a smaller thing, and depending on how you fold, there is ultimately one solution to yield the maximum amount of stuff you can bring.

Er go, the art of packing.

I'm not leaving for Japan for two more weeks, but because I am OCD about flight preparation, decided to do a trial packing run.

And as suspected, was bringing waaay too much stuff.  Stuff I'd definitely not need while there, and regret taking.

So I thought I'd share:


  • bring only the things you feel comfortable in + like to wear
  • is it really worth lugging around or sacrificing souvenir space?
  • don't bring what you can get there (ie. shampoo etc)
  • bring clothes that are easy to care for

Packing for one week 
(with the assumption of doing laundry every week)

inside carry-on 

BOTTOMS // thrifted black skirt, denim shorts, black jeans
TOPS // Madewell stripe + dot sweaters, denim button-down, black cardigan, thrifted silk striped blouse, poppy color pocket tee
SHOES // Aldo brogues, ASOS leopard flats
BAGS // foldable Cape Cod tote, Coach black leather bag
ETC // light trench coat + scarf, yellow hanker chief, heart pendant necklace
NOT PICTURED // et cetera + incidentals, delicates, jewelry, gifts, mini umbrella, film camera + digital camera

inside the personal item (black handbag)
sketchbook + pens, tech + charge cords, wallet + documents, toiletries, almond snacks

wearing on the plane // trench coat, denim shirt, black pants, brogues

1 week = 3 bottoms + 5 tops = 120 different combinations 
(accepting repetition, wearing 3 things together from 8 choices)


I love this folding technique, highly recommended!

THIS was also very helpful for me!

And, ladies - I recommend doing this, as well [Lisa Eldridge on long-haul flights]

Happy Travels!

March 10, 2013

Jan + Nan's Wedding art

A while back wonderful lady Jayne over in Australia (whose amazing blog I pour over every week and from whom have had the good fortune of getting a Christmas card or two) contacted me to do an illustration for her wedding.  So honored!

They asked for something like this, which reflects their joyful sense of humor


original ink drawing

cleaned up for clearer printing

❤  Congratulations J & N 

March 8, 2013

Sweet things

Shots from the D-Structure gallery opening in San Francisco, 
my work (center) is hanging next to the incomparable Bamcat (right)

Good bye, ladies, you're off to someone else's home now

 Started documenting meal times again, it helps me to slow down and enjoy food more.  Wow, I eat breakfast like, every meal of the day apparently...

March 5, 2013

Friendly Neighborhood Comics

In a world, where comic book stores still carry the dank stigma of a dungeon-y, Cheeto-finger-y, boy's-club ... there is ... Friendly Neighborhood Comics

It's really the cleanest, friendliest, most well-maintained comic shop I've ever been in. If you are like me, and you love the super rare art books and the occasional cult DVD mixed in with the monthly issues, this is the place for you.

I'll be there on May 4th for Free Comic Day signing copies of Frankenstein 1921 issues 1+2 as well as poster prints and doing some sketches.

It'll be just a little bit after coming back from Asia, so if I babble nonsensically please blame the jet lag...

spotted first printing of our comic :)