March 19, 2013

Betty & Veronica for MAC

Veronica is a weird name.

The gift shops never made "Veronica" kids' commemorative bike plates no matter how hard I searched. No commemorative shot glasses, frisbees, hats, pencils, toothbrushes... Nada

Always "Victoria" and "Vanessa"...

I know, my childhood was so rough. *le sigh*

Usually people sing me an Elvis Costello song or once in a great while ask about that Kirsty Alley show (yes I watched it and it was great)

And they always ask if I know a "Jughead"

WHY would I know someone named that? BUT I DO know a Betty. My lovely gramma!

And get this, it really does look like her, too. (Blonde and smiling)

I do kinda look like Veronica, and live in a world of comic books, but I'm not a millionaire heiress. Hopefully not as much of a b either...?

Check out these great products from MAC this spring:

1 comment:

  1. I completely feel your childhood anguish.

    I always seethed as a child where there was nothing with my name yet Amalia was everywhere. And I mean, everywhere.