March 8, 2013

Sweet things

Shots from the D-Structure gallery opening in San Francisco, 
my work (center) is hanging next to the incomparable Bamcat (right)

Good bye, ladies, you're off to someone else's home now

 Started documenting meal times again, it helps me to slow down and enjoy food more.  Wow, I eat breakfast like, every meal of the day apparently...


  1. Oh those meals look so good! And I agree, I think documenting what you eat would make it more enjoyable, and you're more likely to set an aesthetically pleasing table as well. I should really start taking pictures of mine lol

    1. Thanks! Yeah I've had such a bad habit of just eating crazy fast and not really even tasting it.

      I'd love to see your meals!

  2. Gosh those two paintings were marvelous.

    Pancakes look delicious.

  3. Hey! Just saw this post!! Thank you for the compliment - your pieces look WONDERFUL and I'm happy they found a nice home.

    Let's catch up soon!! <3