April 29, 2013

Dispatches from Japan 第18回 赤池

Pictures from a lovely old section of Tenpaku, Akaike or "red pond" (aka-ee-kay)

Finally over jetlag, took less time than before, just 6 days to full recovery! Years ago it took 9 or 10 I think? I just remember it hit me really hard, I completely slept through Halloween '10!

April 28, 2013

Dispatches from Japan 第17回 ヒルズヲーク

Here are more pics of Hills Walk, in Nagoya

The more I stayed in Nagoya, the more I realized Tokyo isn't really some kind of glorious Mecca. It's awesome, don't get me wrong, but there is nothing there I can't experience in other cities in Japan.

Well, except visiting Yuka! And that's worth any trip.

sakura-flavored mini donuts

April 26, 2013

Dispatches from Japan 第16回 - 立ち飲み

Back in MA now, can't even express how much I despised our flights (simply the worst travel experiences of my entire life)

Except our domestic Japan Airlines flights (which actually were the most superb flying experiences of my life.) So 2 out of 7 were perfect, 5 were utter Hell.

So happy to be reunited with my husband, I cried when I saw him!


Aaanyway... More pictures from Japan!

At my brother's local joint, きくや the "Cheers" of Hirabari

It was an amazing experience, and priceless family bonding time.


I've never spoken so much Japanese before, it was pretty nerve wracking at first, but after an Asahi I was good to go, choppy mistakes and all.

Ended up meeting a made-for-TV film director, an architectural draughtsman, an office lady the same age as me, and lots of other cool people.

The key to getting better at anything
is to not be afraid of making mistakes!

Try to have NO ego!

No one cares as much as you think they do - just go for it!

shelves and shelves full of manga to read

Can you tell how much I love Kumamon?

The architect's customer special - grilled ham slices with macaroni salad + eggs

(it was amazing! ごちそうさまでした!)

Al's special - Thai-Style cheese fries with sweet chili sauce

They close at midnight but we ended up staying until 1:20am!  

But the guy was super nice about it

すみません! お疲れさまでしたね!

April 25, 2013

Olivia from Fringe

Last month I finished work on a new painting for Gallery 1988 for their JJ Abrams tribute show "The Bad Robot Experience"

One show I liked that didn't get a long enough life span was "Fringe", coincidentally an episode was shot + set in my hometown, Worcester, Massachusetts!

And it also had Joshua Jackson from Dawson's Creek, which yes I watched every week in 8th grade...

Now I can finally post this! 

Available at Gallery 1988 Melrose, April 26th - May 18th

I think I like it a bit better this way...

If you are in the area, please check out the show! It looks amazing!

April 24, 2013

Olivia from Fringe painting process

Some process work for a recent painting.

Tried experimenting with doing the underpainting in brush pen, and found it was a pretty good experience.

Used these, Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pens, which are actually water soluble, and the dual tips were really useful.

Can't decide which way I like it ...

Available for purchase at Gallery 1988 Melrose starting April 26th

April 22, 2013

Dispatches from Japan 第15回 出発

Preparing to leave Japan tomorrow after a month.

So many wonderful memories to take home to Massachusetts. Here are some shots of HillsWalk plaza in Nagoya.

Can't wait to see you, Andy!!

April 21, 2013

Dispatches from Japan 第14回 - 最後週末

Last weekend in Japan after a month here, I'm sure I'll be posting many more pictures of this trip long after I'm home in Massachusetts.

Can't wait to see my husband... Miss you Andy