July 27, 2013

Blueberry picking + other food lessons

Had a really nice week, teaching at the museum everyday (Experimental painting with some amazing kids) Massaman curry cooking + hydroponic gardening lessons with Chad and Elaine, carrot cake + a birthday, a drive into The Quiet Corner, crazy one-armed cat lady and terrible pink lemonade... Coconut coffee and chestnuts in Burlington... And pick-your-own berries at Nourse farm...

Don't you love summer?

July 20, 2013

Harvard Square

Had a lovely day out with Andy, Adam + Joe last week in Harvard Square.  Walked the campus for the first time (I'd never been inside amazingly, even having lived in MA forever) and got some yummy grapefruit soda and Indian food at Desi Dhaba in Central Square.  (they give you mango lassi + chai tea free with the lunch buffet! Whoo!)

July 18, 2013

Spaced - painting process

Sending a new painting out to the Edgar Wright show this week!  Well, the show opens August 20th, but I'm mailing it this week :)

July 15, 2013

Japan Dispatches 第25回 - Gero Kankou Hotel 下呂観光ホテル

I can't say enough about the incredible hospitality + overall perfection that is Gero Kanko Hotel (+ here)


the gift shop

dining hall where you choose your own fresh mushrooms on a log 

(much like choosing your own lobster here in MA)

green tea + wagashi upon arrival

the yukata I chose

we reserved our bath times at the front desk, and after dinner they gave us a lantern  and we walked down the lighted cliffs at night to the bath houses in the forest!

The walk way was quite steep, and it took my breath away to 
descend the winding stone paths and 6 staircases down the valley...

plum blossom petals litter the walk way to the baths

After dinner + a bath it's time for some yuzu sake and karaoke...

Tomoko killin' it at karaoke

OH my god, "The Goonies R Good Enough" -  ... I love Japan

view from the balcony


1113 Koden, Gero-shi, Gifu, 509-2206 Japan

July 11, 2013

L'Amour Fou - Yves St. Laurent

For movie night tomorrow

L'Amour Fou

A film about art, love and passion

July 9, 2013

Japan Dispatches 第24回 - Sakura at Gero Onsen 下呂温泉の咲いた桜

As much as I love Tokyo, Gero is the kind of place I'd want to live if we ever move to Japan.  It's rural enough to be peaceful all the time and connected enough to get into a bigger city like Osaka.

It encapsulates all the charm of Old Japan that initially drew me to the culture.

It was eerily quiet walking around the first day before checking into our hotel.

I can't remember what time we got there, I think it was afternoon on a Tuesday, so maybe every body was at work, but it was so quiet you could really lose yourself.

izakaya alley way

a girl coming from school on her bike



one of my favorite shots from the first day at Gero (above)

a bit of Al's head in the fore-right

You can't see it from here, but there is a nude man bathing
in the natural hotspring by the riverbank!

There was a short embankment that covered the naked people 
out of sight from the kids at the park.

It was pretty funny, since he was in plain sight of people above on the bridge, and we watched people's expressions as they noticed the naked man butt below.

Gero is wonderful for many reasons, but if you go you'll find there is a lack of Western tourists.

Which is kind of nice if you've been to Kyoto or Shibuya; in certain spots there seem to be less actual Japanese people.

But that enters in to the discussion of whether or not you are avoiding "your own kind" when on vacation.

I mean, I'm used to being around an eclectic mix of ethnicities every single day.
So when in Japan I'm fascinated by the opposite experience.

However, I'm sure when you live there it becomes a bit of an identity crisis?
Maybe 'crisis' is harsh.  Anyway, won't know until it happens.

Al, what do you think? 兄さんどう思う?