August 24, 2013


Had a great time exploring Cleveland this Thursday, before heading out to Iowa this morning.

Again we missed the West Side Market (it's open Mon/Wed/Fri) but the cafe is always good and discovering the emerging restaurant scene is really fun.

Cleveland has a bourgeoning design/food/retail+music scene - it's livability not to be underestimated.

Check out the stellar neon + store front graphics both new and old:

Sifting through the neon plastic fragments of my childhood at Big Fun...

We always make a point to go to both Big Fun locations and bringing a wad of singles for their photobooth!  Two years ago it was being serviced (it's a real developing vintage machine so it takes lots of chemicals and maintenance) and with crushing disappointment had to give up on it, but it's still fun to look around.  

And I always find something awesome there anyway.  (This time birthdays/ early Christmas shopping - score). 

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