August 30, 2013

Wild West

Raygun is hands down my fav new startup in Des Moines, what a wicked sense of humor...

I'm also studying them for my own future business plans.  I'd like to start a gallery/store specializing in Japanese art supplies + imports, as well as artist edition goods + prints.

They share a similar aesthetic and business model to how I envision the gallery.  But that's for the future :)

Already missing my grandparents and Mid West life in general.

Sometimes I feel like every place begins to look like every place else, but not so with this trip.

We drove from MA through NY, PE, OH, IN, IL and to IA.  3200 miles total.

It rocked all kinds of hard :)

Learned alot about my heritage, ginger cookies and that I don't know my right from my left.

My great grandmother in Idaho's Wild West, 1921

See you again soon, Grampa + Gramma

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