November 29, 2013

Free Shipping on my graphic novels

Hey friends,

You can order any of my graphic novels via my print service at with FREE SHIPPING from now until 12/3 with code: FREESHIP   Woo!

November 28, 2013

Manga Nation at the Peabody Essex Museum

The good people at the Peabody Essex Museum invited us to host a comic art workshop last week, and it was super fun.

I'm not sure how many people came by, maybe around 100, considering our panel count was about 120 and a handful of people did 2.  

We came up with a new project, taking the classic Japanese folk tale of Momotaro and breaking it down into a sentence-by-sentence script, whereby each becomes a comic panel.  Whichever panel you get is kind of a luck-of-the-draw, it's drawn and stuck on a large scroll in sequential order.  

It was a great night!  But we ended up missing the rest of the celebration, sushi, Anime dance party, lecture series and all.  Oh well!  Our projected rocked the hardest.

November 21, 2013

Manga Nation at Peabody Essex Museum

I'm excited that Andy and I were invited to host a drop-in workshop at the Peabody Essex Museum!

They are hosting a super cool event called MANGA NATION, and have some really great guests lined up, such as Robin Brenner (Brookline's coolest librarian/comic historian) and Roland Kelts, University of Tokyo lecturer and the author of Japanamerica - not to mention he's interviewed Murakami, Miyazaki and written extensively about a century and a half of Japanese/American pop culture exchange.

What are we going to be doing?  Making a GIANT MANGA strip of course!

We'll put paper up all over the walls and as people come in we'll chat about story-telling ideas, give you some pointers (if you want them) and each person will ad a panel.  It'll be a casual affair, but educational nonetheless.  Should be super fun!

Japanese Design & Pop Culture
at the Peabody Essex Museum Salem, MA

Thursday, November 21st, 6:30 - 9:30pm

(*Manga drawing may wrap at 9pm)

Admission is free for museum members & Salem residents, $10 for non-members.

Cash bar.

Bakabon + Akko-chan characters by Fujio Akatsuka (my fav gag comic artist)

November 18, 2013

Evergreen, pine + black

A Christmas wish list...

1. Casio Classic Ladies' watch 
2. Uniqlo heattech 
3. LL Bean flannel 
4. Sam Edelman "Petty" boot

Beatles trying on Chelsea boots

Really in love with dark green + Black Watch plaid lately.

In case you're ever on a game show:

Black Watch Tartan is….

The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland (3 SCOTS) is an infantry battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Madewell Black Watch all weather coat

November 17, 2013

Boston Derby Dames

the merch table has the logos I did, gave me a little thrill to see people wearing them

Thanks to Rough Anne Tumble for allowing me to catch my first ever Women's Flat track Roller Derby game this weekend!

I still am not sure how the game is really played as far as scoring and penalties, but it was so exciting to check out some ace skating!

Space Invader from the Cosmonaughties was really something else!  When my friend told me she had trained her I didn't realize that was kind of a big deal - wow

I also really enjoyed seeing so many people enjoying the new logos.  Working on that project was my favorite branding assignment ever - so much fun!

the scoreboard using the new logos

I love the way the team members pick stage names.

You gotta read these; I absolutely love them… my favs:

Wicked Pissahs
  • Assault n’ Flattery
  • Bad Person
  • BloodBath Bettie
  • Call Me Mayhem
  • Estrogeena Davis
  • Knuckle Sammy
  • Miss Mary Smack
  • Rough Ann Tumble
  • The Gun Show

  • Artoo Detoonate #B33P
  • Coopa Troopa #14
  • Elle L. Cool Jam #429
  • Jackie K.O. #10
  • Slam Chowdah #51A
  • Tears for Phearsome #37

Arkham Horrors
  • Hayley Contagious (co-captain)
  • Wanda Herchu (co-captain)
  • America Ferocious
  • Beantown Brawler
  • Dolly Spartan


  • Belle Air Bomber (co-captain)
  • Crown Joules (co-captain)
  • Badonkey Kong
  • Dottie Danger
  • Dr Pepper Spray
  • Haddie Collider
  • Kitty Twister
  • Maya Mangleyou
  • Pass the Biscuits
  • Pegasister
  • Planitz Collide
  • Smackarena

On the easel: A peek at "Lydia"

Life is returning to normal and that means lots of art to make! It's crunch-time here, only 3 weeks until we leave for Japan.  Any and his brother both conveniently have birthdays between Christmas and New Years, so we thought it'd be nice to spend them together.

I do love being busy, not just for financial purposes but creatively, too.  There is no time to fret and second guess your instincts when you have 4 paintings to do in 3 weeks.  It really helps to power through problems, too.

For instance, when I was 99% done with this Beetlejuice painting, I DROPPED MY BRUSH ON LYDIA's FACE ... And yes it totally had black gouache on it.

but there was no time to hyperventilate... So I wiped it down and started over.

She doesn't look like Winona Ryder, but I think it's okay. Can't lose sleep over it.

1988 Issey Miyake shoes…

Do you recognize all the things and places in the photos?

The re-done face (above)

Put my name in creatively for the first time

More images + process work soon!

November 11, 2013


Hi everyone,

You may be wondering where we've disappeared too, and this week has been rather intense.  Andy had intense stomach pain last Tuesday, and after we waited at the ER for hours, they determined his gall bladder was severely infected.

It was a scary few nights, holding my husband's hand while he tried to sleep in the ER hallway's florescent lights, the sound of drunk men yelling, sick people vomiting, various needles and IVs hooked up to his arms.

His temperature and heart rate were sky-rocketing and there was nothing we could do but wait until he could be ushered into surgery the next morning.

It's petrifying when there is nothing you can do to help the person you love.

Some people may thing it's ghoulish to draw him in the hospital, but it helped me to calm some of the emotions.  It helps to be so busy concentrating on a subject you forgot what the lines mean.

Finally after a long restless stay in the waiting room, the surgeon came out to tell me how serious the situation was.  His temperature rose to 104deg. F and his heart rate was 167; going into critical.

But someone up there is watching over him because everything is alright and he's recovering at home after a few days in the hospital.

I can't thank the amazing team at UMass Memorial enough, truly grateful to be near such excellent professionals.  Andy was in very capable hands.  

A thousand thanks to Dr. Jim Carroll, 
Nurses Yudaya, Tracy, Jen, MaryAnne, Lorraine, 
the entire ER staff and EMT Shane,
and everybody else who sent well-wishes to my darling

November 1, 2013

BAD DADS // @ Spoke Art

Hey West Coast friends, 
this is opening tonight!

Spoke Art's Annual Tribute to Wes Anderson films

Nov. 1st - 23rd
Weekend events:
Friday, November 1st – art exhibition opening night / Halloween costume party at Spoke Art gallery. 6pm – 10pm, no cover, all ages.
Saturday, November 2nd – art exhibition opening night / Halloween costume party at Spoke Art gallery. 6pm – 10pm, no cover, all ages.
Sunday, November 3rd – Film screening at the Castro Theatre: Bottle Rocket, The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom. All evening long, regular ticket rates apply, all ages.

Spoke Art Gallery
816 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94109

below is my Moonrise Kingdom-inspired contribution: