January 29, 2014

Lydia prints are in

Hey friends,

I just shipped out the first round of Lydia print orders, (thank you everybody who sat through the arduous two month long pre-order while we were away) and the rest are ready to go!

I'm so happy to say they look amazing (like, wow), thanks to Jim Glennon and everybody over at the Worcester Alphagraphics.

Prints are 11x17" matte inkjet on archival paper

$50 ea + $5 First Class shipping (tracking number included)

6 in stock  3 in stock


* It says "Pre-Order" in the URL, but disregard that, they are in stock

January 27, 2014

Great Villains of Gotham show @ One-Shot Gallery

Mr. Furizu 


9"x9" gouache on cold press water color paper  | $300


You can find my Mr. Freeze piece up along side a lot of cool people at the One-Shot Gallery this February 1st.

I used to visit St. Mark's Comics all the time when I lived in New York City, so it's so awesome for me to be involved in something like this - AND get to be inspired by my favorite animated show ever!  Batman!

Thank you One-Shot for inviting me to be a part of this crazy fantastic exhibition - 
I nerded out like a champ on this one, be still my 14-year-old, ugh 28-year-old heart

Hope you can check it out!

Starts February 1st 2014

inside St. Mark's Comics
11 St. Mark's Place
NY, NY 10003

January 21, 2014

Poison Ivy process work

I was contacted by One Shot Gallery in NYC to contribute a piece to their upcoming Batman Villains themed show "A Curious and Cowardly Lot".  If you're in the area you can check out the exhibition housed at one if my old haunts St. Mark's Comics

More info soon :)

But I got carried away doing these little 9x9" gouache paintings, and I happen to be slightly obsessed with the batman animated series, especially the Bruce Timm / Paul Dini Gotham Knights run.  

I had to watch every episode growing up, from the rumbling music starting and red Gotham sky to the Alan Brunette, Andrea Romano names scrolling on the credits.

Now years later I can actually visualize who these people are and what they do to actually make a program. Thank you, art school

I'm thinking a small, complimentary color palette.  

Blue-violet and yellow-orange for Mr. Freeze, green-aqua and pink for Ivy...

After drawing I like to ink using water-based inks and start color blocking lights and darks.

Smoothing out the edges using a pen.  Finishing up the piece now - more soon!

January 18, 2014

Mr. Freeze

Couldn't be a more appropriate day to be inside painting Victor Freis... Fries?  frees?  Uh don't know the spelling...

Allie as usual kept my back warm on the chair...

Working on a new piece for a Batman villains show in NYC this February.

My New Year's door charm from Japan.  It's called a shimekazari. 

(締め shime = to tie + 飾り kazari = ornament)

Couldn't wait to break in my new Acryla Holbein gouache paints I bought from Sekaido!  Sekaido is a fab art store on the 5th floor of Parco Nagoya.

***Sekaido has better prices on art supplies than LOFT, FYI***

January 14, 2014

A walk to Shiogamaguchi - 塩釜口までお散歩

Raw salmon, avocado, caper and mustard pancakes for brunch!

They were amazing...

January 7, 2014

Good eating in Nagoya

Andy got the chocolate banana crepe.. I got the berry one with strawberry ice cream...

We went out for Kaiten sushi at Hama, and after getting my usual tuna sashimi had to try these flavors that came down the belt...

Grilled salmon with cheese sushi...

Shrimp with cheese and mayo sushi...

Roast beef sushi...

I love this hot honey lemonade drink from the vending machines...

Seen at Parco...

Soba and shiitake for New Years...

I'm going to miss shopping at Piago...

And especially An taiyaki.... Mmmm