February 28, 2016

Thanks for coming out!

The signing at That's E went so well - I really appreciate everybody stopping by!

We almost completely sold out of ARCHIE #5 + #6, SILK #4 + #5 and HOWARD the DUCK #2!  WOW!

Some photos by Sorana (TE staff)

Bella drew me some STELLAR Pokemon pictures!

February 26, 2016

Signing - Saturday 2/27

Hi everybody,

If you live in the area you can stop by my


That's Entertainment  2 - 4pm
 244 Park Ave. Worcester, MA | 508-755-4207

I'll be signing copies of ARCHIE, SILK and possibly covers I did for BOOM! Studios and selling a few prints.

February 24, 2016

Silk #5 is out today! + Easter Eggs

Many thanks to editors Nick Lowe, Devin Lewis, writer Robbie Thompson, colorist Ian Herring and letterer Travis Lanham!  (lovely cover art by Mingjue Chen)

The dog calendar on Cindy's desk has our dog Allie Oop on it, Lola is wearing Sailor Pluto's earrings, and Kirby is by the pencil holder...
The signs behind Spider-Woman and Mockingbird are for my friends Chad (who actually made moonshine) Tania Perez and Ernie Pelletier.

You can also see me and Andy sitting at the bar, and our friend Ted from Super World Comics is bar-tending...

February 19, 2016

28 day Twitter break!

Hey friends,

I have a weird relationship with Twitter - I keep thinking about how best to use the account - whether or not to privatize it, have someone simply post my news for me or just cancel it all together.

Even when I turn off notifications, or switch it to just people I follow, somehow I still wind up reading what people are saying about my work, and I kinda don't want to know.

When you do creative work you have to distance yourself from it, that it isn't "you" it's simply what you do.  Twitter has the strange ability to make me feel more important than I really am and sometimes it interferes with my work.

So I'm taking a few weeks to decide what to do with the account - and if I reactivate it it'll most likely be made private or I may not use it personally, just use it to link to Instagram and blog posts.

ANYWAY - that's my rant, now back to work!  Lots to do!

February 17, 2016

Archie #6 is out today!

It's new comic book day!

Archie 6 is out and we are just getting warmed up - there is so much more coming I can't wait until it's published!  This issue was so fun, I'll have more Easter Eggs soon!

Here is the original art for the cover, you can see that digitally it's been adjusted slightly to widen the format and account for the logo (which I didn't add in to the original because I am very silly)

I have this 11x17 inked art for sale if anybody is interested.

I made a silly goof in the book - which I drew while in Japan - where Reggie switches driver's sides.

The Japanese search results for the Audi pictures placed the driver's side on the right, and I didn't realize I made the flip until it was almost time to go to press.  I tried to fix it but sadly didn't make it in time - eep!

Ah well, can't worry about it too much, just make sure not to drop the ball in the future.

February 16, 2016

Power Rangers cover art for Boom! Studios

It was a real pleasure to do this cover for BOOM! Studios x Power Rangers comic series, since I watched this show and collected the toys growing up!

This cover is a Heroes & Fantasies exclusive, which means its sold at this particular store in San Antonio, TX, but if you want it maybe it can be ordered online at some point?

Anyway, it was super fun, and I have this original art for sale if anybody is interested.  (11x17 ink on bristol board)

February 10, 2016

SILK #4 is out today!


I was super honored that Marvel editors Nick Lowe asked me to do interior art on two issues of SILK, #4 is out today and #5 is out 2/24.

It was a real pleasure, and Ian Herring's fantastic colors just bring the pages to life!

Many thanks to editors Nick Lowe, Devin Lewis, writer Robbie Thompson, colorist Ian Herring and letterer Travis Lanham!  (lovely cover art by Mingjue Chen)

February 8, 2016

Veronica Fish on the WarRocket Ajax Podcast

Hi friends,

This week I'm on the great comics/pop culture podcast War Rocket Ajax talking about comics, Archie and other ramblings. 

February 1, 2016

2016 Appearance Schedule

Saturday Feb. 27th 2-4pm
That's Entertainment
244 Park Ave.
Worcester, MA

C2E2 ComiCon
March 18th - 20th
Chicago, IL

June 17th - 19th
Charlotte, NC

Hi everyone!

I'll be at a couple of places this year selling prints and doing commissions. Stop by and say hello!