March 31, 2016

Goldie Vance variant cover for Boom! Studios

It was such a pleasure to do this for upcoming (or out now??) comic by Brittany Williams and Hope Larson "Goldie Vance"

If you like Nancy Drew, Miami sunshine and a large ensemble of memorable and interesting characters, this is a comic for you.

process digital sketch:

 I looked at these vintage posters and photo for inspiration

March 28, 2016

Music to Draw to: Jeff Buckley

I think this one of the loveliest songs ever written

Jeff Buckely "Hallelujah" (original music video)

Buckley died very young, just 31, from drowning.  I love his sound, his voice, and his engaging lyrics.  The acoustic and personal nature of his work is so intimate, it's like he's signing to you alone.

Apparently a new album has just been announced - all his unreleased music!  Can't wait to listen to it!

March 23, 2016

Archie #8 cover

(On sale until May 11)

Here's a look at the process

Some rejected ideas: (was able to re-purpose this graphic into a poster you'll see inside this issue)

Got inspired by this poster:

March 21, 2016

Black Widow commission

I'm particularly happy with this one!

I think I'll color it and make a print or something!

March 20, 2016

Lara Croft / Tomb Raider commission

So fun to do this one!  I love getting to make something fun with the setting

March 14, 2016

At C2E2 Mar 18 - 20 | Table V13

Hi everybody

I'll be at the Chicago Comicon this weekend signing and doing sketches, I'll also have prints of my paintings on hand.

It'll be my first time at this show and my first time getting to walk around Chicago!

Andy and I are taking the train out there!  How exciting!  We'll be taking a sleeper car for the first time, something I've always wanted to do - however I'm fully aware that my expectations are a bit high.

It's probably not going to be exactly like North by Northwest, but one can dream.

Mark Waid and I are having a  
on Friday March 18th from 1:45 - 2:45pm
in room S403

I'm sitting at Table V-13 next to my pals Mark Waid + Christy Blanch at V-12

Can you understand this thing?  I hope so, because I barely can.

You can also bid on my piece in the charity auction 
- proceeds go to St. Jude Children's Hospital!

Veronica Silk + Spider-Betty commission

This was a fun cross over request from a recent patron

He asked for the word balloon, which hopefully is legible in my scratchy writing

March 13, 2016

Black Canary commission

A request from last month

Doing sketch covers seems limiting but it's not so bad - it's fun to figure out how to fit the subject in.

March 12, 2016

Furiosa commission

A recent request.  My first Furiosa commission!  It was super fun

March 7, 2016

Paul Ryan

Andy and I are so sad to learn that our dear friend Paul Ryan has passed away suddenly.

It hurts so much when you think "but we just spoke with him 2 days ago" and seemingly overnight he is gone.

Paul was my husband's mentor and close friend for many years.

He gave me the most valuable feedback on my art for Pirates of Mars volume 1, and when I curated Pop Euphoria in 2008, he put in an ENTIRE 22 page Phantom issue for the wall:

I'm currently tearing my studio apart trying to find the gorgeous Mary Jane / Spider-man pencil sketch Paul gave me years ago - I KNOW it's around here somewhere.

When I first met my (future) husband through a comic art class at the Worcester Art Museum, he would always reference Paul's words of wisdom, his advice, his work habits and practices.

In fact, when I learned that comic art was done at 11x17 size or larger, the first example of real comic art I'd ever seen was one of Paul's - the Phantom riding his white horse through the jungle.

He and Linda are so important to us, the kindest, warmest couple, who invited us into their home, shared words of encouragement, laughs and shoptalk - irreplaceable memories.

Tell your mentors that you appreciate them!  
Tell them how much they've impacted your life! 

Paul signing at That's Entertainment in Worcester, MA

(photo by Evan Scola)

This is the store where I worked as a teenager, the place that would inspire me to even attempt a career in comics.  
Thanks Paul

March 6, 2016