March 14, 2016

At C2E2 Mar 18 - 20 | Table V13

Hi everybody

I'll be at the Chicago Comicon this weekend signing and doing sketches, I'll also have prints of my paintings on hand.

It'll be my first time at this show and my first time getting to walk around Chicago!

Andy and I are taking the train out there!  How exciting!  We'll be taking a sleeper car for the first time, something I've always wanted to do - however I'm fully aware that my expectations are a bit high.

It's probably not going to be exactly like North by Northwest, but one can dream.

Mark Waid and I are having a  
on Friday March 18th from 1:45 - 2:45pm
in room S403

I'm sitting at Table V-13 next to my pals Mark Waid + Christy Blanch at V-12

Can you understand this thing?  I hope so, because I barely can.

You can also bid on my piece in the charity auction 
- proceeds go to St. Jude Children's Hospital!


  1. Anonymous14.3.16

    Brilliant-- I love this piece. Can you bid online?

  2. Anonymous14.3.16

    You're sitting next to Mark and Christy-- where is Andy set up? I love his auction piece too. Is he going to be posting his location on his blog?

    1. Hi Mike - I'm not sure if you can bid online actually! You'd have to ask the C2E2 people about that.

      Andy isn't set up, he'll be with me at my table. He says he's taking commissions.