March 28, 2016

Music to Draw to: Jeff Buckley

I think this one of the loveliest songs ever written

Jeff Buckely "Hallelujah" (original music video)

Buckley died very young, just 31, from drowning.  I love his sound, his voice, and his engaging lyrics.  The acoustic and personal nature of his work is so intimate, it's like he's signing to you alone.

Apparently a new album has just been announced - all his unreleased music!  Can't wait to listen to it!


  1. That is a fine version. I always liked John Cale's cover as well. Check out Susanna and the Magical Orchestra, too. There are certainly a few other attempts at Hallelujah that...fall short of doing justice to Leonard Cohen.

    1. Oh I haven't heard those, thanks for the note. You know a song has set a standard when there are endless covers, right