April 27, 2016

Galt Macdermot

Music to draw to

I've been really into jazz pianist Galt Macdermot this week, after first hearing "Coffee Cold" on the Better Call Saul soundtrack

Woe is Me

Let the Sunshine In

April 20, 2016

Thank you Archie Comics + Aw Yeah Comics NY!

I had my first visit to the Archie offices in Pelham on Monday, and it was such a spectacular day I couldn't begin to recount it all.

Thank you to Victor Gorelick, Mike Pellerito, Jon Goldwater, Stephen Oswald, Vincent Lovallo, Alex Segura, Ron Cacace and everybody working that day for their hospitality, showing me around and being great people in general.

Thanks to everybody who turned out for the signing, and to Marc, Franco and Chris for being excellent hosts!

Thanks to Jack Morelli (far right), Mark Waid (2nd from left) and Christy Blanch (far left) for being the most incredible pals!

April 19, 2016

Archie #6 Easter Eggs

Sorry this is super late, it's wacky-levels of busy here in the studio.

Archie's doctor is my old boss when I taught classes at WAM, former Director of the Worcester Art Museum (also a world renown expert on Dutch painters like Vermeer) Jim Welu.

Jim is also one of the greatest / smartest guys in the world, AND an Archie fan!

This page is an homage to Bruce Wayne's study from the 1966 BATMAN show.  Mark made a comment in our company email exchanges that there is probably a slide-pole behind Lodge's book shelves, so I added in the fish above the door, red Commissioner phone + Shakespeare bust for fun.

and a skull... just because it felt appropriate.

April 14, 2016


Hey friends!  If you are in the NY area,

come see me, Mark Waid + Christy Blanch 

Monday April 18th from 5 - 7pm!

313 Halstead Ave. Harrison, NY

It's gonna be a great time!  
I'm gonna nap under the table while people ask Mark questions! 

I kid, I'm gonna tap dance and do a puppet show!

No, still kidding.

ANYWAY, come say hi!

April 13, 2016

Betty & Veronica #1 variant cover

It was really exciting to have the opportunity to create a variant cover for Betty & Veronica #1!  The rebooted comic is written and drawn by Adam Hughes and launches this July!

The original digital sketch, which I printed out at 11x17 (or two horizontal 8.5x11) then light-boxed onto an 11x17 Bristol board for penciling and inking. 
The finished 11x17 ink on Bristol board.  This cover art is for sale, contact me for pricing.

April 6, 2016

Archie 7 is out today!

This issue was really fun to create, as is every script I get from Mark.

This cover was done completely digitally while I was living with my in-laws in Japan.  Maybe you can pick up on the ukiyo-e style pine tree over there, since I had just come back from the Tokugawa museum in Nagoya before diving into this one.

I keep trying to get back to more traditional work, I jump over to hand done pages every once in a while, and most of the covers I do have a hand-made component, but deadlines make it hard to stick to that.

Anyway, probably shouldn't worry too much about the process, you just keep making the work however you feel is best for the individual project.

I forgot to post the Archie 6 easter eggs - will do that next!

In the mean time, you can find Archie 7 at comic retailers everywhere

More info: http://archiecomics.com/