August 18, 2016

Music to draw to: LCD Soundsystem 45 min. mix


45 min mix

Drawing SPIDER-WOMAN #11 interiors to this right now!

SPIDER-WOMAN #10 came out yesterday!  Soon I'll post some progress shots from that issue, including working from Javier's layouts.

August 14, 2016

Heroes Con recap + 3000+ mile road trip

Andy and I had a crazy month!  Ok, two months ago, but still,

Between working like gang busters on finishing interior art for Archie, Marvel and Boom Studios projects, we had a great time in Charlotte at Heroes Con, then immediately got in a car and drove to see my grandparents and aunt in the Mid-West, and then up to Minneapolis for the MST3K Reunion / Rifftrax event.  PHEW

This was the busiest Heroes ever, and we had hardly any time at all to talk to anybody.  I think next year I won't do many sketches at the show, just take pre-commissions.  The quality is better for the buyer and my hand will finally stop hurting for a weekend!

We were so happy to meet up with our pal JJ, who is totally kicking my butt in terms of Pirates of Mars II progress - he's already finished up to issue 5 and I still need to finish drawing issue 2 between all these commitments.  Ah there is just not enough time in the day.

Thank you Scott Southall for the lovely picture!  Always nice to see him in NC!

It was our first time in Minneapolis, which we enjoyed immensely, taking in some great food and drinks at Kieran's, authentic Szechuan at Tea House in Stadium Village, hung out at Bar Luchadore for some elotes and horchatas, and OH ALSO THIS HAPPENED

Meeting the cast of MST3K 
(I think I blacked out during this)

At the rehearsal for the live show.  They sang a line of Costello's "Veronica" to me and I nearly passed out.

Big Fun in Ohio

Wisconsin was bliss

It was pretty much the most exciting thing ever.  We had so much fun meeting the cast, going to part of the rehearsal, watching the live show, and the general high of being on an adventure together.

I bought the VIP package during the Rifftrax Kickstarter the night of Paul Ryan's wake.

Andy and I came home feeling just awful, but filled with happy memories of the kind of guy Paul was, and realized that there is only one go around in this particular life (even if you believe in reincarnation, right) so these opportunities must be seized; the clock is always ticking.

I also found out it was because of Paul that Andy and I met and fell in love!! He encouraged Andy to get a job at the art museum where we would meet just a short time later. 

Anyway, back to work, finishing up Spider-Woman #11 and Boom! projects, trying to fit in lots of swimming before the summer is out...