September 1, 2016

SLAM! #1 in Previews


Have I talked about this yet?

There is so much going on right now, between moving to our new house, finishing up commissions, wrapping Spider-Woman #11 and going right into Slam! #1 interiors while wrapping the last of the BackStagers covers for BOOM! - it's easy for me to forget updates.

ALSO! -- See you in Portland, OR 
next week for ROSE CITY COMICON

ANYWAY - SLAM! #1 is in Previews this week, we are on the cover of the Short Order Form, and you can pre-order the first issue until September 21st.


Diamond order code: SEP161387
Initial Orders Due: September 21
Final Orders Due: October 17
On sale date: November 9

Here are character designs I did, as well as the cover.  It's been a real blast to keep switching to different projects, each with their own distinct feel and challenges.

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