July 31, 2017

Cosmic Scoundrels #5 Variant cover

It was such a pleasure to do some cover art for one of 
my fav web-comics; Cosmic Scoundrels a little while ago! 

Print version published by IDW

Thanks to Andy Suriano & Matt Chapman!   

Isn't this the greatest logo ever?

July 26, 2017

The Wendy Project x Papercutz

Hi friends,

Papercutz is releasing a graphic novel I did with Emet Comics a few years ago, "The Wendy Project" and it is packaged in a seriously gorgeous faux-sketchbook style complete with rounded corners.

The writer, Melissa Osborne, came up with the idea of making the comic look like 16 year old Wendy drew it in her sketchbook and the reader was looking at a kind of artifact.  It was fun to use a hodge podge of materials around the studio, like a teen would find randomly in a backpack.

I thought it would be easy to draw with ball point pens again like we did in high school, but it was actually really tough.  I'm so spoiled by the Undo key.

Hope you like it

Many thanks to Superfan, Emet Comics + the Papercutz Team

July 11, 2017

Marvel Legacy cover : Squirrel Girl

Recently, Marvel asked me to do a Squirrel Girl take on this classic Moebius cover:


I was nervous, but gave it a shot just the same:

If you are interested in the original art for this cover, drop me + Andy a line