October 11, 2017

Barbarella #1 variant cover

Hi all,

I recently did this cover for Dynamite.  Barbarella is such a wonderful character, it was a real pleasure to do.  Here is the process from prelims, sketches, and inks.

October 10, 2017

Andy Appreciation Post!

Today is our 7 year anniversary!

Have I told you guys how incredible my husband Andy is?
I don't say it enough (maybe it's my Puritan pilgrim blood and we are weird about public displays of affection) but I think it all the time!  He is the greatest guy in the world, and many, many times has helped me through pages I was struggling with or projects that needed a boost.

Here are some examples of his amazing work:

Andy wrote*, lettered, and did the breakdowns for the Gumby 5 pager that came out last week:

All Andy here; page 1:

*Andy's original Gumby script was really wonderful but the editors at Papercutz changed it around.

You can see up here Andy's timing is so perfect; Pokey starts by saying "It's so hard to program the microwave without FINGERS!" but they edited that out!

Then we had other changes to make, so here are the finishes:

Andy actually did the breakdown of this Frankenstein's monster piece and I finished it:

Andy made the stairs on the splash in Wasp #7:

Whenever I needed help with Spider-Woman Andy was there:

His perspective and layout for a page of issue #11:
 My finishes:

Whenever I need help with something, Andy is always there.  Writing, drawing, editing, fixing the printer, driving the getaway car, - he can do anything.

I love you, darling!