April 19, 2019

SABRINA The Teenage Witch #1 : EASTER EGGS


I have given up all social media for Lent, and amazingly - 
am actually doing it!

So if you've been following me, noticed the radio silence and possibly expressed some concern that I might have died - don't worry, it's all good over here.

Sabrina the Teen-Age Witch #1 dropped a couple weeks ago, and #2 is being sent to the printer right now, so I thought I'd share as many Easter Eggs (as I can remember) since the season is conveniently appropriate.

1. SABRINA'S HOUSE: is a real house in Greendale, MA

2. SABRINA'S HIGH SCHOOL: is actually the Greendale Mall in Worcester, MA

3. SABRINA'S CLASSMATES: are all real kids we know

4. SABRINA'S VICE PRINCIPAL: is our pastor and friend Father Charles.  (Andy also made that funny poster)


I imagined what a cool attic room would be like based on the interesting lattice window. 

The record on the floor; "The Talbott Brothers of Bermuda" was playing on our record player when I drew the page.  (Andy bought it - what a gem)

Ok, that's it for now, next up: SABRINA'S CLOSET.

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